„…ich hab gedacht: aah Kind, ne kannst du net, schaffst du net…“ – Der Übergang zur Elternschaft einer alleinstehenden Hartz IV-Empfängerin

Lalenia Zizek & Boris Zizek

This article firstly identifies exemplary objective problems in the transition to parenthood (problems all parents-to-be have to overcome), using sequential analysis of interviews with a mother-to-be during her pregnancy and after the birth, and, secondly, against the background of the case’s identifiable potentials and resources, traces the mother’s concrete way of dealing with this biographical crisis. Thirdly, the analysis at hand allows to reassess the potential for insights by means of structural theoretical sociology of the family, whose key issue is the relation between family and development.

Citations. Ethics in Progress (ISSN 2084-9257). Vol. 4 (2013). No. 1. 21-33.