Constructive Empathizing – Educational Competence in the Light of Child’s Play

Lech Kaczmarczyk

Pre-school play is an important moment in a child?s development. Caretakers play an important role during play. This article presents a structure of educational competence called ?constructive empathizing? or ?inviting-accompanying competence?. A caretaker?s special task during child?s play is conversion between the third-person knowledge and a subjective, drugs autotelic interaction. The caretaker?s constructive empathizing during a child?s play determines the child?s social and moral development, website like this it helps the child to turn play into work, order as a sign of higher spontaneous understanding of cultural norms standing behind cultural correctness actions. Finally, it is evidence of dynamic interaction between abstract-concrete thinking, with the child learning from the caretaker.

Keywords: pretend play, competence, empathy, zone of proximal development, moral development

Ethics in Progress (ISSN 2084-9257). Vol. 4 (2013). No. 1. 82-90.