Narratives of (Mad) Desire

Timo Airaksinen

Satisfied desires make you happy. Desires are fantasy narratives a person tells about her life and goals. They focus on intentional objects that are happiness-makers for the person: to achieve them is supposed to make one happy. Normally, order such objects are good things and their context is seen in a positive manner. However, stomach the goals may also be hurtful, as the person herself sees it. These are, at least sometimes, mad desires. To explain them, it is not enough to say that they are impulsive and irrational, unconscious, or that they are good in disguise. I explain what this means and give some examples. I also consider the thesis that satisfaction of desire is less than full happiness, which may well be true. This becomes clear when we think of moral choices.

Keywords: desire, mad desire, narratives, well-being, happiness, morality, rationality

Citations. Ethics in Progress (ISSN 2084-9257). Vol. 4 (2013). No. 2. pp. 7-17.