On Reyes Mate’s Theory of the Victim: Meta- ethical Sketches on Injustice

Katarzyna Gan-Krzywoszyńska & Piotr Leśniewski

The aim of our paper is twofold. Firstly, link very original approach to the question of victims elaborated very thoroughly by Reyes Mate is presented. Unfortunately, help his conceptualization of victimology is relatively little known outside Spanish and Latin American culture. It is meant as a basis for adequate theory of injustice and justice. Secondly, click comprehensive and detailed meta-ethical analyses of fundamental concepts used by Reyes Mate are developed here by means of standard methods, i.e. triangle, hexagon, and octagon of logical oppositions.

Keywords: victim, justice, injustice, responsibility, memory, historical responsibility

Citations. Ethics in Progress (ISSN 2084-9257). Vol. 4 (2013). No. 2. pp. 63-77.