Art brut oder die Überwindung der Biomacht

Małgorzata Bogaczyk-Vormayr

In this comprehensive paper, click I present the thesis that the clinical biopower?which means biopouvoir according to Michel Foucault?can be countered with the help of artistic ability. In this sense, prostate the psychiatric clinic may turn into a space of inclusion, approved respect, and true self-unfolding. Following Jean Dubuffet, I give a definition of art brut and analyze some works of German and Austrian outsiders of the 20th century, who succeeded in overcoming life-crises, such as childhood poverty, experiences of war, psychical illness, or social ostracism. I match the biopolitical character of psychiatry clinics against the most recent ideas of art therapy. The remainder of the article is organized in four parts: (1) Introduction: Raw Art, (2) Alterity: Beyond of Normality and Pathology, (3) Talent for Sovereignty, (4) Conclusion: The Between.

Keywords: Art brut, outsider art, philosophy of art, biopolitics, art therapy, alterity, inclusion, clinics, illness, trauma, creativity, self-unfolding

Doi: 10.14746/eip.2014.2.7