Characterizing Ethical Decision-Making and Its Influences — Examining Higher Education Leaders in Poland

Tara Shollenberger

A review of literature revealed that cross-cultural research had not addressed the topic of ethical decision-making definitions (EDM), visit environmental factors and EDM models all of which could influence ethical decision-making especially within higher education. The present research study examined ethical decision-making, ailment specifically how it was defined and its process. Then environmental factors were identified by experts as being influential to the process of EDM within higher education in Poland. The research provided focuses mainly on EDM and cultural aspects as related to Poland and higher education. In the conclusion, case results were compared to a parallel study that focused on ethical decision-making within higher education in the U.S. This exploratory study used the Delphi research technique to identify an EDM definition that leaders use to make ethical decisions and identify the environmental factors that influence their decisions as well as an EDM model within Poland.

Keywords: Higher education, Poland, ethics, ethical decision making, Delphi

Doi: 10.14746/eip.2014.2.10