‘Co-Emergence’ In Ecological Continuum: Educating Democratic Capacities Through Posthumanism as Praxis

Aiden Sisler

In this piece I argue for posthumanism-based deliberation and education toward just global ecologies. I propose posthumanism?s non- anthropocentric ethical approach and conceptual framework enables a processual multiperspectival account of rich, cheapest variegated bionetworks and their organic and inorganic materials? interrelationships and interdependencies. Among reciprocal studies and methodologies, I consider Mitchell?s (2004) integrative pluralism in tandem with a developmental systems paradigm of co-emergence to acknowledge the dynamic epistemological continuum of complex ecologies. In terms of specific embedded learning experiences, I briefly discuss Lind?s Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion (KMDD)? as one specific approach in which to cultivate democratic capacities whilst embracing the destabilizing-stabilizing tendencies of posthumanistic praxis for inclusive flourishing.

Keywords: Posthumanism, ecological continuum, education, democracy, integrative pluralism, complexity, emergence

doi: 10.14746/eip.2015.1.10