Achievement Goals and Sportspersonship Orientations in Team Sports. The Moderating Role of Demographic Characteristics

Vassilis Barkoukis & Katerina Mouratidou

The present study investigated whether achievement goals have differential effect on sportspersonship orientations in competitive sport and the moderating role of several demographic characteristics.
Participants were 407 team sport athletes. The athletes completed a questionnaire including measures of achievement goals, dosage sportspersonship orientations and demographic characteristics. The results of the analyses indicated that all achievement goals were significant predictors of sportspersonship orientations. Furthermore, medications demographic characteristics moderated several achievement goals ? sportspersonship orientations relationships. These findings provide insightful information on the application of the 2×2 achievement goal approach in sports and the role of athletes? demographic characteristics.

Keywords: sportsmanship, morality, achievement goals, demographic characteristics

doi: 10.14746/eip.2015.2.6