The Right Decision to Have another Baby

have a second child

Nobody better than you to answer if it’s time to have another child. That there is a lot to take into account when making this decision is fact. Although great changes of life are sometimes the result of mere impulse, the arrival of another child in the family is one of those subjects that merit reflection.

So before throwing the pill pack off, think well about issues such as your relationship, family budget, your availability of time for the child you already have and even your career. Many people believe that when should I have another baby, and going to the second child is often more difficult than the first, since it is not just about having another baby, but about changing the whole structure of a single family.

Here are some things to consider before the final decision

Is there an ideal time to have another child?

There are those who prefer to wait longer to get pregnant again, so the first child ends up having a longer time with the parents and is able to better understand the arrival of a little brother. Here are some points to consider before having another child.

So how much more do you expect?

The answer is depends on how much time. Waiting longer than five years to conceive the next child could also affect the baby’s health. Some research indicates that the second child is likely to be born premature, with a low birth weight or shorter length when the time interval between pregnancies is five years or more.

Focus on finances

Money is not everything, but it is an important variable when thinking about raising the family. As much as we do not want to plan the size of the family of our dreams in financial terms, there is no denying that each child brings with it new expenditures on food, housing, health, clothing, and school.

have another baby

Age and fertility

Unfortunately, the age of the parents should be taken into account because of fertility, especially that of women. If you are 38, for example, and you want to have two more children, you probably will not be able to afford a difference of more than three years between them. Now, if you have less than 30 (and no health problems that can make pregnancy difficult), you have more time and options before you decide.

Opinion of one and other

It is very common among couples deciding whether to have a second child. And there’s nothing to it. The first step is to start a conversation, putting on the table the feelings and arguments of each to have another baby or not. Sometimes it helps to talk to friends and relatives to hear how they came to their conclusions to raise the family.

Anyway, do not rush and decide calmly.