Open the Door of Knowledge About Sex to Your Son

Statistics collected by various research centers show that about half of teenagers begin to have sex before they finish school. Moreover, more than a third of them receive information about sex from their peers, who watch free xxx videos, and about three quarters have never talked with their parents about sex and contraception. This means that their knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies is limited to traditional teenage myths.

What you can do

The task of the parent is not to wait until the child becomes an adult to talk to him about sex. Start talking earlier, be honest and frank, and get ready to answer a thousand uncomfortable questions of your kids learn about sex when.

This will help your child feel more comfortable and trust you in talking about intimate life. And that means – in time to get the necessary information from you, to avoid diseases and emotional turmoil.

explaining sex to your son

What to talk with three year old kids?

It seems to many parents that it is too early to talk about sex with a small child. However, interest in the intimate side of life in children and manifests itself very early. Already at this age you can form in your child the correct idea of ​​health and cultural norms.

What to talk with preschoolers?

At the age of four to eight years, children’s curiosity culminates. Kids begin to realize the anatomical differences between men and women and ask a lot of uncomfortable questions.

It is at this age that parents hear the first questions about where the children come from – this is the right moment to give the child the right ideas about sex and relationships.

What to talk with schoolchildren?

By the age of nine or ten, children begin to actively exchange information about sex with each other. By this time, they should receive from their parents comprehensive information about the work of the reproductive organs and sexual relations.

Until the child has reached adolescence, he is open, ready to ask parents questions and listen to the answers. Try not to miss this time.

talked with their parents about sex

What to talk about with teenagers?

Physiologically, adolescents are old to be to learn about sex in sexual relations much earlier than emotionally. The main task of parents at this time is to calmly and tactfully explain to their children that participation in any form of sexual activity puts them at risk for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and violence from peers or adults.

Of course, by this age you should explaining sex to your son in detail in matters of contraception. Otherwise, he will adopt stable myths, walking in a teenage environment.

Drinking alcohol or drugs greatly increases the risk of unwanted sex, dangerous diseases and unwanted pregnancy. The teenager should know that a person in a state of intoxication is not able to fully control himself.

Help your child avoid psychoactive drug companies. Monitor the teenager, but don’t try to be a warden. At this age, all forbidden has the highest appeal.