Riding Bike at the Time of Being Pregnant

ride a bike during her pregnancy

Pregnant cycling, good or bad idea? The answers are surely as varied as the number of pregnant women. The ability for a woman to ride a bike during her pregnancy will depend on her sporting habits but also on her weight gain, her state of mind. And many other factors specific to each woman.

Pregnant cycling, yes it is possible

At first glance, there may be a tendency to look suspiciously at a pregnant woman on a bike. It’s risky, and if it falls. She is hurting her baby. And yet, the practice of pregnant cycling can be quite beneficial, even recommended by his doctor.

Indeed, pedaling removes the feeling of heavy legs that pregnant women begin to feel with weight gain. It also requires less effort than walking because the bike supports the weight, not the legs. The bike can also prevent the appearance of edema.

If the expectant mother has gained a lot of weight, especially in the last trimester, cycling can help to compensate, if the fatigue is not too much at the rendezvous. Another beneficial effect, cycling helps to regulate breathing, a significant asset at the time of delivery.

Ride a bike? Yes, but in a suitable way

So cycling while pregnant, it is of course necessary to adapt the practice to its physical state. Just like any other “soft” sport, like walking or swimming. In general, a pregnant woman should be able to ride a bike without much harm until the 5th month. Women cyclists who practice regularly will be more likely to maintain the pace beyond this time. And why not novices? The secret is to listen. If you start to sweat and run out of steam, stop. And resume at a more moderate pace. Remember to hydrate yourself. You will avoid a great inconvenience of pregnancy: cramps.

The position to adopt to ride a bike while pregnant is somewhat different than normal. Lower the saddle so that both feet are flat and touch the ground when stopped. You avoid the risk of falling and gain stability where your rounded belly can lose you. Another tip, keep your arms bent on the handlebars. Side frequency, thirty minutes one to four times a week are largely sufficient. On flat ground, preferably.

Finally, if you want to bike riding while pregnant but you have fears, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.